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    Pools in Media

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Christmas Vacation

This holiday classic involves a father who desperately wants to get his Christmas bonus. This is because he wants to spend the money on a pool for the family. However, he later discovers that the money is in fact just vouchers. This leads to several hilarious scenarios.

Old School

In one scene of this raunchy comedy, Will Ferrell accidentally shoots himself with a tranquilliser and falls into a swimming pool. Since he has become sedated, he does not realise that he is beginning to drown. After being rescued once, he is then inadvertently kicked back into the pool.

Billy Madison

Billy Madison is about a wealthy young man who spends most of his day at home sitting by the pool with his friends. Eventually, he is forced to go back to school and learn everything from scratch, starting with the first grade. Every time he passes a class, he invites all of his school friends and teachers to a massive pool party. These scenes often involve humorous shenanigans. For instance, at one of the pool parties, a clown on stilts accidentally falls to the ground and everyone around laughs.