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Every prospective pool owner must first decide whether to have an indoor or outdoor one. The budget will play an important role. Owners should not overlook some of the other factors that will come into play.

To help with this decision, they should consider how often it will be of use. If the owner wishes to go swimming regularly during all times of the year, then it is wiser to go for an indoor one. This is because outdoor pools need to go through an annual process of winterisation. During this period the pool is closed off.

However, outdoor pools are the superior choice for those who want to do the majority of their swimming during the summer months. There is undoubtedly nothing better than enjoying an outdoor swim with the sun beaming down. This natural heat source will dry the swimmer quickly when they exit the pool. Outdoor ones also allow the owner to sunbathe and relax in the open summer air.

If someone wants to have an energy efficient pool, then the indoor option is often ideal. The heating system for these will insulate not only the pool itself but also the air in the room. It will also affect the humidity level. This system allows owners to control the entire environment of their pool room.

In contrast, outdoor pools will solely heat the water. This system requires a dedicated gas boiler or a heat pump. It is best to find a heating system that recycles the ambient air temperature. This type is just as efficient as an indoor system. However, you do not have the same level of environmental control.