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One of the main reasons for going on holiday is to relax. Spending days by a pool is a great way to achieve this. That is why so many people book holiday destinations which have a pool close by.

The country will affect how much time can be spent swimming. Naturally, very hot countries are an obvious choice. However, nations which are extremely sunny can actually limit the amount of time that holiday-makers spend outside.

Countries with cold weather can cause similar issues. Tourists are unlikely to find outdoor pools in these places. They will be restricted to using indoor ones.

For these reasons, extreme climates should be avoided. It cannot always be easy to predict what the weather will be like, especially if the holiday is being booked very far in advance. Tourists can, however, learn about the seasons of their chosen country, and book at a time that is most appropriate.

Several nations have storm seasons. Booking a poolside holiday during this time is not a good idea. It will mean that visitors will have to spend most of their stay inside and be unable to use outdoor pools.