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    Pools in Media

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Pools have featured in several television shows. In some cases, they are essential to the plot of the entire episode. Other times they are metaphors for showing the emotions of characters.

The Sopranos

This crime drama follows Tony, a mafia boss in his work and home life. He has a large pool on his property which is seen throughout the series. In one episode a family of ducks decides to make the pool their habitat.

Eventually, the ducks fly away which leaves Tony feeling distraught. In an emotional scene with his therapist, Tony reveals that the birds represent his family, which he fears he will lose.

The Simpsons

Pools are also used to comedic effect in TV shows. In the Simpsons, the titular family buy a new pool to escape the warm weather. This attracts many children from the neighbourhood. Bart Simpson ends up breaking his leg and is unable to go back in the pool. He must watch as everyone else has a good time while he sits in a cast.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

In one episode of the sitcom, two bumbling characters decide to build their own pool. After getting inside the hole, they realise they are stuck. A hose fills the pool up with them inside, so they have tread water until they are finally rescued.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a dark drama about a chemistry teacher called Walt, who ends up falling deep into the criminal underworld. As the series progresses, Walt changes as a character, becoming more monstrous. Eventually, his actions cause an aviation accident.

When two planes explode over Walt’s house, a pink teddy bear lands in his pool. It is charred and missing an eye. There have been several fan theories as to what the bear in the pool represents. It could be a visual representation of the damage Walt has caused.


Cribs is a reality TV show where a camera crew follows celebrities around their homes. The stars take the viewer on a tour of their residence. In most episodes, the superstar will have a pool. Some of them are very ornate with visually stunning designs and neat water features. For instance, the episode focusing on Tony Hawk’s home puts a lot of emphasis on his pool.