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    Your Own Pool

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If you are planning to build a swimming pool on your own property, then you might still need to get permission from the local government. Just because you own the land, does not allow you to build any kind of structure which you wish. It is essential to ensure that the pool being built is perfectly legal.

Every country will have its own rules when it comes to pool building. In England, each county will determine whether pools in their area can be constructed. It is relatively easy for people to apply for planning permission in this country.

Citizens can go to the local council and fill out forms. Once permission has been approved, then the building can officially begin. People should make sure that this approval is expressly given before they start digging holes in the ground.

They should also stick to the approved structure which they originally intended to create. If people decide to expand or customise their pool, then this could be in breach of rules. In extreme cases, councils can force citizens to dismantle and fill pools which have been built without the appropriate and legal planning permission.