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When going on holiday, it is essential to make sure that all family members are permitted to go in the pool. Some hotels refuse people of certain ages from entering their pool for policy and safety reasons. If a family has already booked the hotel, then this can be very inconvenient for them.

Luckily, this scenario can easily be avoided. The person booking the hotel should do a small amount of research. They can read up on the rules regarding pools. If this is not stated on the hotel website, then it is best to contact the establishment directly to double check.

Other families can have difficulty finding a pool where dogs are allowed. If they want to bring their pet with them, then they should ensure that all rules are followed when it comes to pool use. If the rules are broken, then this can affect the family’s deposit.

Some places do permit dogs to swim in the pools which are provided. These tend to be specialist businesses but can still be found. If a family insists on their desire for dogs to use a pool, then these places are worth seeking out.