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In the real world, pools are places of enjoyment. However, in Hollywood, they are sometimes used to convey terror. Several different horror movies have utilised pools.

The Faculty

In this sci-fi shocker, a group of students have to face off against an alien invasion. These creatures can survive inside water environments. During the climax, the queen alien chases the survivors through the school swimming pool. It stands out as one of the tensest moments in the entire film.

It Follows

It Follows centres on a ghost which regularly follows people around. When the main characters realise what is happening, they attempt to trap the spectre in the local swimming pool. This is the first time in the entire movie that these characters manage to turn the tables on the ghost.


A family home is haunted by an unseen presence in this horror classic. The end scene involving a pool stands out in particular. The patriarch of the family is in the process of building a pool for the children to enjoy. Unfortunately, the mother falls into the recently dug hole and comes face to face with the terrifying villains.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Despite being a musical, this movie has plenty of horror elements to it. A couple escapes a rainy evening by sheltering in a creepy mansion. Once inside they are met by a group of aliens who conduct terrifying experiments. At one point they even try to serve humans as dinner.

During the climax, the two main characters decide to embrace the freedom which the extraterrestrials give to them. This is shown during an extended sequence that takes place inside a pool. This is also the setting for a musical number called “Don’t Dream It, Be It”. There is plenty of wild water choreography during this song.


Gremlins is about a teenager who is given a strange, cute and cuddly creature. After a series of events, it gives birth to a group of monstrous reptilian animals known as Gremlins. These creatures are able to multiply when exposed to water.

Eventually, all but one of the evil Gremlins are destroyed. Unfortunately for the human characters, the final Gremlin manages to get into the local swimming pool. This unleashes even more of the little monsters on the unsuspecting town.

Let The Right One In

Let The Right One In is a spooky Swedish horror film about a young boy and his female friend who happens to be a vampire. The boy is having trouble at school due to bullying. During the climax of the story, these bullies attack the boy when they are alone in their school pool. The girl vampire manages to save the boy before he is harmed.