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    Pools in Media

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Pools have been used as sets in a wide variety of films. They are seen a lot in the drama genre in particular. Scenes involving them have been used to convey romance, sadness and even humour.

The Graduate

The Graduate is a 1967 romantic drama. It follows a recent college graduate called Ben who returns back to his parent’s home. He finds the numerous parties which his mother and father host to be unenjoyable. He is also unsure of what to do with his life.

There are many scenes at the start of the film where Ben lies down floating in his parent’s pool. These moments are deeply symbolic of how Ben is feeling about his current life and its future.

Sunset Boulevard

This 1950 noir film is about a failing screenwriter who ends up living with a former movie actress. The woman assumes that she will make a big comeback soon, and employs the writer to help her with a screenplay. Eventually, she discovers that Hollywood does not want her anymore.

The two become romantically involved, but he attempts to break it off. In a fit of despair, the woman shoots the writer, who falls into the swimming pool. In the opening, we see the figure of a man floating in the water. Only at the end do we realise what has happened.

Romeo and Juliet

This is a big budget modern remake of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes play the lead roles. In one scene, the two lovers manage to get some time alone together and kiss while swimming in a pool.

This sequence has been called the most romantic moment in the entire film. The reflecting blue light from inside the water adds to the intimate atmosphere. The fact that the characters have to kiss underwater also shows how restricted their love is.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Despite being mainly a comedy, this John Hughes picture also has some dramatic moments. One of the characters, Cameron, is depressed throughout most of the story. At one point he decides to merely sink down to the bottom of a pool and lie there. This could be to show his feelings of isolation.

It’s A Wonderful Life

During a dance scene in this movie, all the characters jump into a school swimming pool. It is a critical moment, as it starts a bond between the two main characters. Soon afterwards they end up marrying each other