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Pools have become more affordable in recent years. This has led to an increase in the popularity of installing them within family homes. Having a pool so close by is very convenient. It will allow homeowners to exercise and relax without having to travel to public pools.

It is crucial to choose the wall décor of these areas carefully. The interior designer will need to consider what kind of mood they plan to set. Wallpaper will be pretty appealing. The ideal site to order this from is Familywalls.co.uk, as it contains a vast catalogue to explore. There are so many options that the designer may have trouble narrowing down what style to go for. In these cases, they can consult the homeowner to better understand precisely what they are looking for.

Blue and Green Colour Schemes

It is often best to pick wallpaper in hues that evoke a water theme. For this reason, the designer might choose a colour scheme that predominantly features blues and greens. There are plenty of designs of this type on the Family Wallpapers website. These hues also tend to create a very relaxing and tranquil mood.

Images of Sea Life

Alternatively, the pool area might look better with images of marine life such as fish and underwater flora. If children are frequenting the pool, then cartoon pictures of water creatures could be utilised. Photographic murals of sea life are also a popular option. Swimmers can look at them and imagine that they are in an open ocean.

Food and Drink Iconography

Homeowners will often install pools so that they can have food and drink parties. If this is the case, then they might opt for wallpaper featuring this kind of iconography. For example, cocktail glasses and wine bottles may appear on the walls of pools where alcoholic beverages are served.

Personalised Wall Murals

Sometimes the pool owner will want a higher level of freedom. They can order a personalised mural from Family Wallpapers. This will involve uploading an image of their choice onto the site and having it blown up so that it can be pasted onto the walls of the pool area. There is a near-infinite amount of options when it comes to picking the image. It could be pictures of the family, a favourite holiday destination or a welcoming message to guests.

Remembering to Stay On Budget

When looking for pool wall decorations, it is vital that the designer does not exceed their budget. They should look for good bargains online. For example, Family Wallpapers often sells high-quality murals at reasonable prices. The site also occasionally has sale items available.