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What is an Infinity Pool?

Infinity pools are different from regular swimming pools because the water flows over an edge. This creates a visual illusion which makes the pool appear without a boundary. Often this illusion will also make the pool look as though it merges with large bodies of water such as the ocean, sea or a lake. Sometimes this merging effect even extends out to the sky.

Infinity pools are associated with luxury establishments. The design likely originates from France. There is an early example of a vanishing edge water feature in the Palace of Versailles which dates back to the 17th century. In the 1960s, an American designer came up with the idea of extending it to pools. One example can be seen in the 007 action-adventure film, Diamonds Are Forever.

>Infinity pools come at a high cost. They require an extensive amount of architectural, structural and mechanical design, which is tailor-made for the specific property. It is also essential that structural engineers are utilised, as these pools often stand in precarious positions. Safe anchoring of the pool is extremely important.

Why Do People Like Them?

People often build infinity pools on their property as a status symbol. These pools convey a sense of luxury and opulence. These structures are a great way to impress anyone who happens to visit the home.

Tourists like to book establishments which contain infinity pools for many reasons. It gives them a taste of wealth at a fraction of the price. These pools also give swimmers a novelty experience. When inside one, the user can feel like they are on the very edge of the world.