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Pools are great places to relax and have a fun swim. However, the combination of sunlight, chlorine and water impurities can cause issues for some people. Their skin could be seriously affected by these factors. The effects could be extreme enough to put them off going to the pool entirely. Luckily, Verso skincare products can minimise the negative effects of pools. This allows the person to continue enjoying the health benefits of swimming without having to worry about acne or other skin conditions developing.

Acne Prone Skin

Everyone goes through acne at some point in their life. It can range from inconvenient to debilitating. Some people can get flare ups due to diet whereas others may be more vulnerable to environmental factors. The chemicals used in pools could irritate the skin sufficiently enough to cause acne. Impurities such as the dead skin of other swimmers are also a contributing factor. If a pool goer is concerned about this, they could apply Verso acne deep cleanse to their face either before or after their swim. Doing so will purify and soothe their skin.

Looking Great For Social Media

It has become increasingly popular for people to take pictures of themselves poolside and upload the images to social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, pool goers often want to look their best when at these locations. They will be much less likely to post their photos to social media if their skin appears blotchy due to acne. Verso products can be utilised to prevent these blemishes from appearing. Skincare creams are particularly popular in the influencer community for this very reason.


When swimming in a pool, the skin will be exposed to a range of impurities. These can clog up the pores and irritate the skin to the point where acne develops. The sun may also play a negative role. When the swimmer exits the pool and lies back on a sun lounger to dry off, their skin can lose too much moisture. This leads to a face covered in dead skin cells which need to be removed. One of the best methods for doing is exfoliation. The outermost surface layer of skin is scraped away, leaving a fresh layer of new cells. Verso skin products exfoliate and cleanse the area that they are applied to. They then soothe it. This makes them perfect for people with a particularly sensitive skin.

Deep Cleansing

People who are very vulnerable to acne will need to give their faces a deep cleanse in order to remove minute particles from their pores. It is important to go for a product that does not exacerbate the situation. They should only utilise a trusted and effective remedy. It is best to look for ones containing salicylic acid, as this has a range of dermatological benefits. These too can be purchased from Verso.