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Now that your pool is ready and running, the next thing to think about is your comfort when relaxing by the pool. To relax and enjoy the sun, you will definitely need a sun lounger or deck chair. In this article, you will find out what to consider before buying this pool add-on.

1. Understand the Different Types

There are different types of sun loungers on the market. You will find recliners, sunbeds and deck chairs. So, what’s the difference between these options?

Deck chairs are simple chairs with wooden frames and fabric stretched over them. The backrest is often adjustable, enabling users to relax comfortably after a swimming session. For the record, some deck chairs feature footrests and even armrests.

Sunbeds, on the other hand, are typical outdoor beds that you can relax on or even take a nap. They are well padded and boast a stronger frame. Unfortunately, sunbeds are heavy and thus, less mobile.

The last type of sun lounger is the recliner, and as the name suggests, these come with a special reclining mechanism. They share a lot of features with the sunbed, but this time, the adjustability makes them fit the contours of the body. Recliners feature adjustable footrests and armrests, which enhance ergonomics.

2. Fixed vs Foldable

The next consideration when choosing the best pool sun loungers is whether to go for fixed or foldable loungers. Well, this is something that entirely depends on your budget, and most importantly, the deck space.

Fixed loungers are great because they are firm and solid on the deck. There are no chances of accidents. But then, the fixed nature means you can’t change positions.

On the other hand, foldable loungers are ideal for swimming pools with smaller decks. They are also highly portable and allow users to shift from one place to another. Another great advantage of foldable loungers is that they can be easily stored during harsh weather. On the downside, foldable loungers are not very sturdy.

3. The Materials

The last thing to consider is the materials used to build your preferred lounger.

When it comes to the frame, there are two main materials; wood and aluminium. Most deck chairs will come with wooden frames which make them solid but heavy. When choosing a wooden lounger, check whether the wood is treated. Sunbeds and recliners, on the other hand, come with aluminium frames, which are resistant to harsh weather conditions and make the entire unit lightweight.

The seating material is also a crucial consideration, and here there are several options. There are loungers with natural fibres, and these are the best because of their resistance against humidity and the scorching sun. Unfortunately, natural fibres are expensive and hard to maintain. You can also opt for synthetic fibres, which are highly customisable and can also withstand adverse weather.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, folks, a guide to buying the best sun lounger for your pool. As a word of caution, make sure to buy from trusted brands to get the best value for your money.